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Every year, thousands of people come to worship at the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  Every summer, thousands more visit the Cathedral while vacationing in the city.  Whether you are coming to attend a service, or to visit the Crypt Tea Room and take a tour, we'd love to see you. The physical address (not the mailing address) is 16 Church Hill, St. John's. Visitors might wish to use this address to find us on Google maps, or use it with a GPS device.

Tea Room and Tours

During the middle of the summer, our Crypt Tea Room is a popular destination for visitors.  By the way, our Crypt has never been used for its original purpose! Please see the Crypt Tea Room page for information and a photograph.

  • Tours of the Cathedral
  • In September 2019, the Cathedral is open for tours Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 4 pm. Please contact the office if you require further information.
    Sunday: Tour guides are available after the 11 am service.
  • Group tours can be arranged throughout the year; please call the Cathedral Office.
  • Driving Directions

    The Cathedral is located in downtown St. John's, within the block bounded by Gower Street, Cathedral Street, Duckworth Street, and Church Hill.  For those who haven't visited the Cathedral before, let us help.  Making your way to a historic building in a historic city can be tricky.

    From the Airport

    Exit from the airport, heading south on Portugal Cove Road (route 40) towards St. John's.  Shortly after passing the Holiday Inn Hotel, Portugal Cove Road will veer to the right - be sure to head to the right.  Continue on Portugal Cove Road as it becomes Rennie's Mill Road until you reach the ersatz roundabout known as "Rawlin's Cross". As with any roundabout, traffic on the roundabout has priority over traffic entering the roundabout, and pedestrians have priority over all cars..

    To negotiate the Rawlin's Cross roundabout, cross over the lane of traffic to head south on Monkstown Road in the far right lane.  Take the second right onto Queen's Road (not the first right on Military Road).  From Queen's Road, turn left onto Cathedral Street.  You will see the Cathedral on your right.  There is ample metered parking along Cathedral Street, or use the parking lot (entered via Church Hill, which is one block west of Cathedral Street) on evenings or weekends.

    From Conception Bay South and Points West on the Trans Canada Highway

    Head east on Pitts Memorial Drive (route 2) towards downtown St. John's.  As you enter the downtown area, Pitts Memorial Drive will become New Gower Street.  Continue on New Gower Street until it veers right onto Duckworth Street.  Turn left off of Duckworth Street onto either Church Hill or Cathedral Street. 


    For weekend and evening services feel free to park in the Cathedral lot on the south side. It is accessible from Church Hill at the west end of the Cathedral.  At other times, parking in this lot is restricted to permit holders; however, there is ample metered parking along Church Hill and Cathedral Street.


    The Cathedral is built on a hill. The higher elevation is on Gower Street (the north side). The nave of the Cathedral is on this level, so most people coming for a service enter using one of the two Gower Street entrances (please use the wooden porch door for Evensong at 4 pm). The West Door (Church Hill) has a steep set of stairs in front of it. There are two doors on the south (parking lot) side; the left door is almost flush with the lower level, and the right door has a short ramp to the lower level. Getting from the door on the left to the upstairs is complicated and there is a very height-restricted passage. The main floor of the Cathedral can be reached from the door on the right when unlocked, but there is a very steep and long set of stairs to climb. The Cathedral's washrooms are located on the ground floor, near the bottom of the stairs.


    Please see here.