The Cathedral was built in the 19th century, and we are aware that access is difficult for those who are physically challenged. We have established an Accessibility Fund, and donations to this fund are used to help remove the barriers. We are currently seeking donations to provide rails up the steps between the nave and the chancel.

The upper level of the Cathedral can be reached without steps from Gower Street, and the lower level can be reached without steps from the parking lot. There is one handicapped parking space on Gower Street near the wooden porch door, and there are two spaces in the parking lot on the south side of the Cathedral. Those who wish to receive communion, but who are unable to go to the altar rail, are requested to make themselves known, and a priest will bring communion to them in the Nave.

Some modifications have been made to the Godly Play Room, to enable the installation of a lift from the Godly Play Room on the lower floor to the South Transept on the upper floor. The architectural plans have been made, and the project has been approved by Vestry. This project will be done as part of the Diocesan Centre for Ministry project.

Information about the technology installed in the Cathedral in October 2018 to aid those who have difficulty hearing can be found here.

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